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2023 Honorees

Julie Ambrose

Odessa Regional Medical Center


Dr. Julie Ambrose is an industrious and highly accomplished healthcare professional with over 25 years of diversified clinical experience. She received a baccalaureate and a master's in nursing from Western Governors University and a Doctor in Nursing Practice from Grand Canyon University in 2017. Devoting most of her career in the leadership and management role, she leads by example, motivating and elevating those around her to harness their full power and potential. Julie is passionate about driving transformational initiatives, taking obstacles, and turning them into fruition to not only achieve her goals, but the advancement of Nursing. In 2019, she co-authored a Medical-Surgical book with a strategic focus on nursing fundamentals, clinical judgment, and critical thinking. She is the Risk Manager and Stroke Coordinator at Odessa Regional Medical Center, contributing to their DNV recertification as a Primary Stroke Center.  She is a Licensure and Accreditation Specialist at Medical Center Health System and successfully coordinated the Hospital’s first DNV certification as an Advanced Hip and Knee Replacement Center and recertification as an Advanced Stroke Center. She is a Clinical Nursing Instructor at the University of Texas of the Permian Basin and enjoys coaching and guiding future nurses. Julie is a mentor, an advisor, and a paradigm of the words of Anton Chekov, "Knowledge is of no value unless you put it into practice."  

Sharon Cannon

Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center -Permian Basin


Upon graduation from Saint Louis University School of Nursing in 1962, Sharon Cannon began her nursing career as a public health nurse for the City of St. Louis. Always looking for opportunities to grow and develop, she worked as a a medical surgical/emergency room nurse/ clinic nurse. As she progressed, she thought she might like to teach but she needed to return to school. She obtained her MSN and an EDD from Southern Illinois University and taught in several programs.  
As life events intervened, she began a career path in administration as an Assistant Dean at the University of Arkansas in Little Rock. However, drawn once again to the clinical arena, she took the position of Director of Nursing Staff Development/ Director of Organizational Development and Education for the University of Alabama Hospital in Birmingham. Her next direction brought her to Texas where she was born. She joined the faculty of TTUHSC SON in Lubbock and after a brief interval, she came to TTUHSC SON but this time as the Regional Dean for the Permian Basin Campus. She has multiple presentations, published manuscripts, and authored two textbooks. She is recognized as a scholar and has received University and National Awards and is a fellow in the NLN Academy for Nursing Education. Her passion for her profession and her community has allowed her to raise millions of dollars for scholarships, startup programs and faculty/staff support so that the Permian Basin would have a well- educated workforce.  

Heather Casebeer

Permian Regional Medical Center


Heather Casebeer currently works as a charge nurse in the emergency department at Permian Regional Medical Center. Her nursing career began after completing her Associate Degree in Nursing in 2013 through Seward County Community College.  Then in 2015 she obtained her Bachelor of Science of Nursing at Oklahoma Panhandle State University. After spending several years in various nursing departments,  Heather has spent the last five years in the emergency department, She enjoys the challenging, fast-paced environment the emergency department has to offer. During her tenure in the Emergency department, she has become an ACLS and PALS instructor. Heather prefers the emergency department’s unpredictable schedule and the constant learning that surrounds the environment. She and her husband Trevor have three beautiful daughters, Hadyn, Hartley, and Halle. When not at work she enjoys spending time with her family and traveling.

Jimmie Caughron

Midland Memorial Hospital


Jimmie is currently the Nurse Manager on the Orthopedic Neurosurgery and Neurology (ONN) Unit at Midland Memorial Hospital. He graduated in 1999 with an Associates Degree in Nursing from Midland College. He has worked on the ONN unit his entire nursing career of 24
years, serving in the charge nurse role from 2000-2010 and as manager of the unit from 2010 until present. Jimmie received his MSN in Leadership from Texas A&M University in 2016. He is currently a certified orthopedic nurse. Helping new graduate nurses develop and become the best nurse they can be is his favorite part of his job. Jimmie has been married for 28 years to Lesley and they have 3 girls and 4 grandkids. He enjoys hunting and fishing, spending time with
his family, and raising cattle. He is very honored to have been chosen as Permian Basin Great 25 nurse, hoping to continue to help those in his community for many years to come

Veronica Contreras

Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center -Permian Basin


Veronica Contreras is a registered nurse who has devoted herself to her profession for twenty-three years. Throughout her career, she has found great fulfillment in providing care to patients, supporting families, and making a positive impact on her community. She has been employed at
the Texas Tech Health Science Center for the past 32 years, holding various positions that have allowed her to develop professionally. At the age of 18, she began her journey with the Texas Tech Ob/Gyn Clinic, where she took on the role of a receptionist. She decided to enroll in school to pursue her nursing degree after receiving encouragement from the OB/GYN nurse, whom she greatly admired for her compassionate approach with patients. She returned to her familiar workplace as a Registered Nurse, initially serving as a Staff Nurse and later being promoted to the role of Charge Nurse for a decade. She enjoyed caring for and working with patients and their families as they made the transition from pregnancy to postpartum.  The most enjoyable aspect was the feeling of being part of the patient’s family. The leadership offered her various positions, starting with Director of Nurses, then Employee Health, and now she is currently in Charge of Risk Management. She considers her positions to be quite challenging, but what’s most important is that she finds her positions to be rewarding, especially when collaborating with physicians, nurses, staff, and patients. Her objective is to sustain her professional career and ultimately conclude her tenure at Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center.

Kelli Evaro

Texas Tech Physicians Internal Medicine


Kelli Evaro is an accomplished healthcare professional with a strong background in nursing and a proven track record of career advancement. She embarked on her nursing journey in 2013 when she graduated with her Associate Degree in Nursing (ADN) from Odessa College. Since then, Kelli has consistently demonstrated her dedication and expertise in the field. Kelli's career began at ORMC, where she worked diligently on the post-partum unit, providing crucial care to new mothers and their babies. In 2014, she seized an opportunity to expand her horizons and accepted a staff nurse position at Texas Tech Physicians, where she contributed to the Internal Medicine Odessa Clinic. Her commitment to excellence did not go unnoticed, and in 2016, she was promoted to the role of Senior Staff Nurse at the Endocrinology clinic, subsequently advancing to the prestigious position of Head Nurse. Kelli's remarkable journey continued, and in 2020, she assumed the role of Head Nurse over the department’s two Internal Clinics as well. Her remarkable rise within the healthcare system can be attributed to her unwavering dedication and the support of her mentors, Kristen Levario and Dr. Chemitiganti, Chairman of the Internal Medicine Department. Today, Kelli holds the esteemed position of Head Nurse/Nurse Manager over the Department of Internal Medicine and Endocrinology clinics. Outside of her demanding professional life, Kelli cherishes her family, including her husband, Patrick, and their three children, Emery, Eysmael, and Exavier. She is an active participant in her children's interests, whether it be watching her daughter excel in volleyball and cello or cheering on her sons during their football games. Kelli Evaro exemplifies the epitome of dedication, professionalism, and passion in the healthcare sector. Her commitment to providing exceptional care to her community is unwavering, and she remains devoted to ensuring the longevity and excellence of the Texas Tech Physicians Internal Medicine and Endocrinology Clinics.

Ben Flavino

Reeves Regional Health


It was 2014 when Ben was able to come to United States of America as an immigrant nurse. His first assignment was at the Surgery Department. He was exposed to the different new innovations of the USA nursing practice for which added more to his knowledge and skills. To be assigned at Surgery Department for 3 years was a great challenge and learning experience for him. He was also designated to the Emergency Room for quite some time which he gained a lot of wisdom that developed and honed him more. He was then assigned at Med Surg Department where he took care of inpatients at the hospital. Ben, holistically provided compassionate care to his patients with utmost warmth, respect and empathy. Currently, he is the Charge Nurse at Med-Surg Department where he manages and leads his nursing team in providing the best care to the patients and their families. As a Charge Nurse, he finds it not just challenging but a rewarding job. Being the leader to his team, he always makes sure that he shares his strong clinical skills to his colleagues. Lastly, Ben believes that to be successful in the nursing field every nurse should have the compassionate care and great commitment to their profession.

Connie Garcia

Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center -Permian Basin


Connie is an experienced registered nurse with a career spanning over 20 years. She has devoted her professional life to serving patients, families, and the community with compassion and care. Over the course of 16 years, she has been a committed employee at Texas Tech Health, gaining valuable experience and growth both personally and professionally. She began her professional career as a front office staff member. After thoughtful deliberation, she has chosen to pursue an Associate Degree in Nursing (A.D.N.). After completing her degree, she returned to Texas Tech University and became a staff nurse. She transitioned to the Obstetrics and Gynecology (OB/Gyn) clinic, assuming the role of the Breast and Cervical Cancer Screening Program Nurse Navigator. Her primary responsibilities involved providing education, guidance, and support to patients, families, and the community. She also played a vital role in securing financial funding for women's preventive care, diagnostic services, and cancer treatment. She currently works as an infection control and employee health nurse, a role that brings her great satisfaction. During her pursuit of an Associate Degree in Nursing (ADN) at Odessa College, she had the opportunity to participate in a nurse internship at the 9C telemetry floor of Medical Center Hospital. The internship was a valuable opportunity for her to gain practical experience and improve her understanding of patient care. Her educational journey was exceptional and provided her with the skills and knowledge needed to excel as a registered nurse (RN).

Andrew Gonzalez



Andrew Gonzalez began his career in health care in August 1988 as a phlebotomist, working nights at Medical Center Hospital and attending nursing school during the day at Odessa College. He graduated with an associate degree in 1991 and began his nursing career in a Medical-Surgical unit where he learned to care for patients, developing the clinical skills and knowledge base that would help him land a position in critical care. He would later earn a Bachelor’s in 2002. In 1992, Andrew transferred to the Intensive Care Unit where over the next three decades, he became an integral part of the ICU team, serving as a staff nurse, unit preceptor, heart nurse preceptor, charge nurse, and, as an interim unit director on two separate occasions. His leadership qualities and clinical acumen ensured that the highest standards of patient care were maintained throughout his tenure. Andrew’s passion for education led him to invest in the future of the healthcare system as he trained and mentored many nursing staff. With an impressive 35-year career at Medical Center Hospital, Andrew's impact on the institution and the countless lives he touched is immeasurable. His dedication to healthcare and his patients earned him the respect and admiration of colleagues and patients alike. Andrew’s decision to retire in August 2023 leaves behind a legacy of excellence. His contributions to nursing and the MCH community will be remembered for years to come, a testament to his enduring commitment to healthcare and the citizens of the Permian Basin.

Lisa Gonzalez

Midland Memorial Hospital


Lisa Gonzalez is a registered nurse at Midland Memorial Hospital. She began her nursing career in the progressive care unit after graduating with her BSN from UTPB in 2020. On her unit she currently serves as team lead, Spanish interpreter, co-chair for the hospital CABG committee, and serves as preceptor for new nurses and nurse interns. Lisa is a member of the American Association of Critical Care Nurses and through this organization obtained a national certification from her unit; the PCCN. Lisa has plans to further her education and career as a nurse practitioner in cardiology. She is honored to be chosen as a Permian Basin Great 25 nurse and has enjoyed serving the community of Midland.

Lindsay Graves

Midland Memorial Hospital


Lindsay Graves is from Orange County, California.  Once graduating from high school, she moved to Springfield Missouri, and attended Cox College.  While attending Cox College, she began her journey in receiving her BSN.  Lindsay’s husband was offered a job in Midland, Texas, so they packed up and moved here in 2015. She ended up restarting Nursing School at Midland College and graduated in 2017. Lindsay then immediately went back to school and received her BSN online at COX College. Lindsay has worked at Midland Memorial Hospital throughout her entire nursing career. From starting as a nurse intern, being drafted to the ACE Unit as a registered nurse, transitioning as a fellow to the Progressive Care Unit, and finally transitioning to her most current position as Nurse Educator for the Progressive Care and Critical Care Division.

Kim Hailey

Midland Women's Clinic


Knowing there are so many great nurses in her community, Kim is honored and humbled to be selected tonight. After graduating from OC’s ADN program in 1997, Kim began nursing at MCH’s oncology unit, where she honed her bedside skills while learning to be a team player. In 1999, she was led to Midland Women’s Clinic and Dr. David DeShan to discover her calling. Through caring, compassion, empathy, and sympathy, she spent the following 24 years mitigating women from menarche to menopause and everything in between: adolescence, pregnancy, infertility, cancer…even death. Where else could you get a better connection to humanity? She has a deep, loving rapport with patients and coworkers that, every day, drives her to be a better person and steward to nursing as a profession. “Ronnie Milsap sang it best, ‘I Wouldn’t Have Missed it for the World’”. Dr. DeShan retired in August 2023. Kim was asked to become the clinic’s first Nurse OB Care Coordinator. Not only a position that schedules appointments and discusses financials but one that provides patient-centered care at the start of an important time in one’s life. Readily available to answer questions and calm anxieties, she represents her clinic and inspires her peers with exemplary service to the profession of nursing. Kim has been married to her husband Jim for 29 years. They have 3 children: Ashlynn, Michael and Jacob, and son-in-law, Michael. She knows that if it wasn’t for family, friends, and coworkers, she would not be the person/nurse she is today. Peers describe Kim as an incredible mentor, leader, and an outstanding example of a nurse!

Shonna Harris

Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center -Permian Basin


Ms. Harris has been employed at Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center from June 2016 to present. She is an Assistant Professor in the Accelerated Bachelor’s Science Nursing program (ABSN) at Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center. Shonna has been a registered nurse for 11 years. Shonna achieved her Bachelor of Science in Nursing at Midwestern State University, Wichita Falls Texas. She started her career within the telemetry unit and the emergency department at Medical Center Hospital in Odessa. She moved on to achieve her Masters in Nursing Education in 2016, and a Post-Master Certificate in Family Nurse Practitioner in 2019. As an educator, she is passionate about clinical instruction and developing innovative learning strategies. Ms. Harris is the lead faculty for Experiential Learning I, II & III. She shows great leadership skills in various committees and task forces within the TTUHSC School of Nursing. Ms. Harris is also serving her community as a Family Nurse Practitioner for family and emergency medicine in West Texas. Shonna enjoys spending time with family, and friends and giving back through global medical trips.

Becky Hernandez

Odessa Regional Medical Center


Rebecca “Becky” Hernandez has worked in healthcare for the past 32 years, starting her career as a Certified Nurses’ Aide in 1991 where she cared for the elderly in different healthcare settings. In 1995 and 1997, she helped open two home healthcare agencies. She then soon received her Phlebotomist Certification, but realized her calling was caring for people. In 2001, she received her license as a Licensed Vocational Nurse and decided to change her focus from caring for the elderly to mother and baby. In August of 2001, she began working at ORMC in the
Postpartum Unit with new Moms. In 2004, Becky earned her RN and became a charge nurse in both the postpartum and nursery departments. She became a Clinical Coordinator in 2005 and in 2009 assisted ORMC in opening the first Antepartum, or high-risk Obstetrics Unit, in the area. Becky became the Director of Maternal Services in 2011 which included Labor and Delivery, Antepartum, and the Postpartum departments. In April of 2020, Becky was instrumental in ORMC’s opening the first Obstetrical Emergency Department (OBED) in the region. In October of last year, Becky accepted yet another promotion when she took on leadership of the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit along with her other roles. Many people asked, “Are you sure about taking on a whole other service line?” and the answer was “YES!” Becky says that she loves her work and the teams she has in place and would not change anything about her career!

Shawna Hoskins

Scenic Mountain Medical Center


Shawna Hoskins, RN began her nursing career in 2003 when she received her LVN from Texas State Technical College. She continued her education in 2009 when she graduated with her ADN from Howard College. Shawna began her nursing career working in long term care as charge nurse and wound care nurse and Assistant Director of Nursing. She began her hospital journey as an LVN starting off on the medical surgical floor and emergency department in a small rural hospital. Shawna quickly found her love for rural nursing and has worked at several rural hospitals and critical access facility in the surrounding area. Shawna found a love for all things faced paced and has worked in the ICU and ER settings but found her passion in women’s health and the obstetrical setting in which she worked for many years. After obtaining her ADN, Shawna has had the privilege of being a Obstetrical Director at several surrounding rural facilities. Shawna came to the Permian basin in 2020 and was employed at Scenic Mountain Medical Center in the ICU and ED department during the COVID pandemic. She joined the Quality team at SMMC in 2021 and has served as the facilities Patient advocate, core measure analytic and now resides as the Quality Coordinator. In 2021 she was recognized at SMMC as the employee of the month. She resides on several committees within the hospital including the Patient and Family Advisory Council and other employee recognition committees. Her passion for nurse recognition and growth is evident in her participation in the DAISY committee at SMMC and has assisted in implementation of non-clinical employee recognition programs. Shawna has been married to her husband, Dusty Hoskins for 6 years. Dusty and Shawna have 5 children and have been blessed with many grandchildren

Tiffany Jackson

Permian Regional Medical Center


Tiffany Jackson was born and raised in Andrews, Tx. She has been happily married to her husband Randy for 22 years and has 3 wonderful children. She knew she wanted to work in healthcare since she was a
child and began her nursing career as an LVN in 2009. She received her RN from Odessa College in 2017 and continued her education at Texas Tech where she received her BSN in 2019 and her MSN in Nursing Administration in 2021. Tiffany has been employed at Permian Regional Medical Center since 2010, starting out as an LVN in the clinic, then as an Emergency Room RN, and now as the MedSurg/ICU Director. Tiffany has recently begun training and received certification as a SANE nurse and plans to coordinate a program in Andrews at PRMC. Tiffany has become active in her community by serving on multiple committees that are designed to address community needs in Andrews. She hopes to continue to serve her community in the future by helping to provide needed healthcare services and participating in community leadership.

Jordan Juarez

Midland Memorial Hospital


Jordan Juarez graduated from Texas Tech University Health Science Center in 2020. She started working at Midland Memorial in nursing school when she worked as a Nurse Intern. She has been a nurse in the Critical Care Unit since she graduated 3 years ago and truly loves the team she works with. Jordan serves as a Team Leader and preceptor on her unit. She is also one of the heart nurses on her floor and thoroughly enjoys caring for cardiac patients. She became a nationally certified nurse last year when she obtained her CCRN certification. In her free time, she enjoys golfing and spending time with her family, and two dogs.

Faye Lease

Reeves Regional Health


Faye Lease has had a long and dedicated career in nursing, spanning over 44 years. She started her nursing journey in 1979 when she graduated from the Victoria General School of Nursing in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Faye’s career took her to Beaumont, Texas, where she initially worked as a NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) nurse. After some time, she transitioned to working in the Emergency Department (ED). Her career also involved several years of travel nursing, which allowed her to gain diverse experiences in healthcare. Eventually, Faye returned to Texas, specifically to Pecos, and joined Reeves Regional Health, where she has been working for an impressive 32 years. During her tenure at Reeves Regional Health, Faye has been dedicated to providing high-quality care to neonates, despite the challenges of working in a rural healthcare facility. Her role has evolved over the years, and she transitioned to the position of Chief Nursing Officer (CNO), where she worked closely with her staff in the obstetrics (OB) department. Her commitment was not only to the patients but also to support nurses, physicians, and families in rural Texas. Outside of her professional life, Faye Lease enjoys spending time with her family, which includes four children and eight grandchildren. She is involved in various activities, such as servicing a riding drill team for the West of the Pecos Rodeo. Additionally, Faye raises show goats and actively participates in livestock shows, engaging with children in these events. Her dedication to both her professional and personal pursuits highlights her passion for nursing and her community.

Wendi Lyle

Midland County Health Department


Wendi Lyle, BSN, RN, is the heart and soul of the City of Midland Health Services department as their Clinical Services Supervisor. Her incredible journey in nursing began at Midland College in 2008 when
she earned her LVN credentials, and without skipping a beat, she leaped into the RN program, officially becoming an RN in 2009. Wendi’s nursing adventure has taken her through various specialties, from the
Med/Surg floor to the tender care of NICU and the impactful realm of Public Health. In 2018, she added a feather to her cap by obtaining a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Grand Canyon University. Wendi’s passion for healthcare and her community led her to further her education and is currently pursuing a master’s degree in nursing administration at the University of Texas at Arlington, showcasing her unwavering dedication to her craft. Wendi’s not just a nurse; she’s a community champion. She’s proudly associated with Sigma Theta Tau International Honor Society of Nursing and an active member of N.A.C.C.H.O. During the challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic, she served on the Board of Directors for Hospice of Midland for three years. Wendi’s commitment truly shone when she became an essential part of the Midland Unified Command Team, contributing significantly to their response to the pandemic. This dedication earned her team the prestigious Beacon of Excellence in Collaboration Award. Wendi’s journey isn’t just about her achievements; it’s a story of passion, dedication, and a deep love for her community.

Kylie Macalino

Midland Memorial Hospital


Kylie’s desire to work in the medical field was flamed by the wonderful nurses and doctors who cared for her mother during her battle with cancer. She and her family will always remember those who were so kind. Kylie graduated from Midland College in December 2017 with her associate degree in nursing. She accepted a position in the progressive care unit at Midland Memorial Hospital in January 2018. She then transferred to the Critical care unit in December 2018, where she loved every bit of critical care nursing. Kylie and her husband welcomed their
daughter in February 2020, soon after she transferred to the Neonatal intensive care unit at Midland Memorial Hospital to further her nursing experience. Caring for the littlest of patients she discovered can be both humbling and full of joy. Ultimately CCU was her calling, Kylie transferred back to CCU in July of 2021. Kylie worked through the COVID-19 Omicron strain era where she cared for some of the most critical patients and found a new respect for her coworkers and will be forever grateful to those nurses, doctors and PCA’s that worked through
those difficult times. Kylie was given the opportunity to become Team Leader in CCU and received her cardiovascular registered nurse board certification. In October 2022 Kylie was promoted to CCU Charge Nurse. She plans on receiving her bachelor’s degree in nursing, and Nurse Practitioner in the future.

Julie Manning

Midland Memorial Hospital


Julie Manning has been a critical care nurse for 3 years. She has worked at Midland Memorial Hospital for 2 of those years. She graduated from Midland College in 2020 with her Associate of Science in Nursing, the start of COVID. During the pandemic she learned to care for the sickest patients and comfort families in the worst times. She has encountered many different nurses and has worked with an amazing team at Midland Memorial that shaped her into the nurse that she is today. In the 2 years at Midland Memorial Hospital, she has joined various committees, precepts new nurses, and is a team leader in her unit. She continued her education by graduating from Texas Tech University in 2022 with her Bachelor of Science in Nursing. Julie has also obtained her critical care certification, the CCRN. She plans on continuing her education by getting her master’s degree in nursing or becoming a nurse practitioner. She is honored and ecstatic to be chosen as a Permian Basin Great 25 Nurse.

Kristen Nall

Midland Memorial Hospital


Kristen Nall began her nursing career in January of 2015, after obtaining her Associates degree from Midland College in December of 2014. Kristen is currently in her 9th year as a nurse at Midland Memorial Hospital (MMH). She worked on the Medical unit for 2 years before transitioning to the endoscopy department, where she has remained for the last 7 years of her career. During her time at MMH, she became a Certified Medical Surgical Nurse, but the desire to learn continued to grow. Kristen then obtained her Bachelor’s degree in January of 2017 and her Masters in Leadership & Management in February of 2018, both from Western Governors University. She is now the Clinical Manager of the Endoscopy Department, accepting the role in August of 2021. As an endoscopy nurse Kristen has become passionate about not only colon cancer prevention, but prevention of all cancer. She works to promote healthy lifestyle changes to reduce cancer risks with the individuals she encounters in her professional and personal life. In addition to her nursing role at MMH Kristen also volunteers her time educating individuals who serve the foster care community in the Permian Basin. As a foster parent herself, she knows the need for good, comprehensive medication training for those providing care to youth in the Permian Basin and has a passion to serve the at-risk youth in our community in any way that she can. In her spare time Kristen volunteers at her church, teaching on Wednesday nights. She enjoys traveling and spending time with her husband of 9 years and their 6-year-old daughter and 3-year-old son. Her family is the most important aspect of her life, and her professional success is only achievable because their support!

Rene Rodriguez

Medical Center Hospital


Dr. Rene M. Rodriguez is the Divisional Director of Cardiovascular Services at Medical Center Health System and is also an adjunct faculty for UTPB and Odessa College. Rene was raised in Juarez Mexico until the age of 9, then moved to Monahans TX in 1981 where he graduated from high school. His parents some family still reside in Monahans TX. He found interest in nursing after his father suffered a severe heart attack that required emergent bypass surgery. He received his ADN from Odessa College, his BSN from Texas Tech, his MSN, and DNP from Walden University. Rene has been a nurse for over 19 years with nursing experience in critical care, cath lab, and home health. He is a husband to a beautiful wife for 20 years and a father to a 17-year-old daughter who is the center of his world. He gives full credit to both his wife and daughter for his accomplishments, recognitions, and achievements! Rene has also been surrounded by many great nurses and physicians who have made all the previous and recent successes possible. As a patient and leader of the Cardiovascular Service Line at MCHS, Rene is more than proud to work and to have worked alongside the best nurses, rad techs, cardiologists, intensivists, and support staff who aim to provide the very best patient care possible. He is honored and humbled by this nomination and recognition.

Leslie Sauceda

Midland Memorial Hosptial

Leslie Sauceda (2).JPG

Dr. Leslie Sauceda is the Clinical Informatics Manager at Midland Memorial Hospital. She has been a nurse for 11 years. She began her career at UMC in Lubbock in the Emergency Department. She relocated to the Midland area in 2021 and began her leadership career at Midland Memorial Hospital. In her most recent role, she led the internal nursing float pool and was responsible for the implementation of the Division Leader role. She recently graduated from Capella University with her Doctor of Nursing Practice with a focus on innovative fall prevention strategies. She is passionate about workplace violence prevention and currently serves on the Workplace Violence Committee at Midland Memorial Hospital. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her husband, Chris, and her golden retriever, Penny.

Abby Villa

Midland Memorial Hospital


Abby Villa has worked in the Emergency Department at Midland Memorial Hospital for 12 years. She graduated with her BSN from Texas Tech University Health Science Center in 2011. As a nursing student, she walked into the emergency department and realized then she had found her niche. She now works alongside her second family, an amazing team of nurses and providers working together to care for the community of midland. Throughout her nursing career she has obtained two nursing certifications : Certified Emergency Nurse and Trauma Certified Registered Nurse. This year has blessed Abby with many opportunities, including a new position as the ED Flow Coordinator. She enjoys expanding her leadership role and assisting with the patient throughput process. Her time off means family time. Spending time with her husband Randy of 11 years and their beautiful, spunky and energetic, 6-year-old daughter, Aria. She attributes her successful nursing career to her strong faith and family support.

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